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Zoommy, magnifier for the visually impaired. Using it you can adjust the size of the zoomed area, adjust magnification and color, etc. The control panel is as simple as possible.Based on its user-friendly interface, Zoommy gained popularity very quickly. User feedback has shown that it's a tool that can be very useful to everyone.It includes a smart Slow Mouse mode. The mode allows you to navigate with pinpoint accuracy, viewing a distant area of the screen or a web page.When Slow Mouse is active, right-clicking on the system tray icon with the magnifier takes you to the software settings. From there you can adjust the number of magnification levels and slow mouse speed.Besides, the tool shows you the current pixel in the camera and its color. If you want to copy it to the system clipboard, you simply right-click on the pixel in the camera.Installer:Any file extension. No setup.License:30 days trial and 24/7 free support.Zoommy Version History:0.1.1 - Release date: 16.07.20120.2.1 - Release date: 21.07.20130.3.0 - Release date: 21.10.20130.3.1 - Release date: 01.12.20130.4.0 - Release date: 02.12.20130.4.1 - Release date: 03.12.20130.5.0 - Release date: 25.02.20140.6.0 - Release date: 25.05.20140.6.1 - Release date: 26.06.20140.7.0 - Release date: 17.07.20140.8.0 - Release date: 28.09.20140.9.0 - Release date: 08.12.20140.9.1 - Release date: 11.01.20150.9.2 - Release date: 13.02.20150.9.3 - Release date: 15.10.20150.9.4 - Release date: 20.02.20160.9.5 - Release date: 26.03.20160.9.6 - Release date: 12.03.20160.9.7 - Release date: 13.04.20160.9.8 - Release 08929e5ed8

Zoommy Crack PC/Windows

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