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Singed, Anonymous

for Voice and Piano

Everyone has a story that has been kept locked away. A story they wish they could tell. Some have been kept locked away due to fear, and some due to a lack of a medium through which to share it. The rare opportunity to share one's story without backlash or judgment can be liberating. If given the opportunity, would you? Could you?


This project gives anyone the opportunity to share their story anonymously which will then be used to write a collection of songs or scenes to be performed. 

The anonymity allows anyone willing to share the opportunity to express themselves without fear of judgment. The stories can be of anything and can cover any range of emotions: happy, sad, traumatic, wishful, etc, 


       As a musician, I often use music to outlet my emotions. It is my way of sharing how I feel, especially when I have something I am too afraid to share verbally. 

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